Navigating Your Business Sale: Essential Valuation Strategies for SMBs

Posted by John Inhulsen | Nov 17, 2023

Setting the right value for your business when it's time to sell is a critical step for every small and medium-sized business (SMB) owner. It's not just a financial decision but a reflection of the hard work and dedication invested in your enterprise. This guide aims to demystify the business valuation process, providing you with the insights you need to make informed decisions.

Understanding Business Valuation

Business valuation is a complex process that entails assessing the financial health, market position, and potential of your business. A common pitfall for many SMB owners is misjudging their business's worth, often due to emotional attachment or a lack of understanding of valuation drivers.

Accepted Valuation Methods

1. Asset-Based Approach. This method involves tallying up the business's assets and subtracting liabilities. It's straightforward but may not capture the full market value, particularly for service-oriented firms.

2. Income Approach. Focuses on the business's potential to generate income in the future. This involves forecasting future cash flows and discounting them to their present value.

3. Market Approach. Entails comparing your business to similar ones that have recently been sold, offering a market-based perspective on valuation.

Using Multiples to Determine Purchase Price

An often-utilized method in SMB valuation is the application of multiples.

1. Understanding Multiples. Multiples are ratios that apply to a financial metric of your business, like revenue or EBITDA, to determine its value. These vary by industry and reflect different market conditions and business potentials.

2. Selecting the Right Multiple. It's crucial to research industry-specific multiples and select one that aligns with your business's financial health. For example, a tech company might use a higher multiple than a manufacturing firm.

3. Calculating Business Value. Multiply your chosen financial metric by the appropriate industry multiple. For instance, if your industry's average EBITDA multiple is 5x and your EBITDA is $200,000, your business value could be around $1 million. Remember, this method should complement other valuation approaches for a holistic view.

Factors Influencing Valuation

• Industry Trends. Your industry's current state can significantly impact valuation.
• Financial Performance. Historical financial records offer critical insights into your business's profitability.
• Intangible Assets. Consider the value of non-physical assets like brand reputation and customer loyalty.

Preparing for Valuation

• Gathering Financial Records. Ensure your financial documents are accurate and comprehensive.
• Professional Valuation Services. Consider consulting a professional valuator or a business law firm for a precise valuation.
• Legal Considerations. Keep in mind any legal compliance and issues that might influence the valuation.

Negotiating the Sale

• Realistic Expectations. Set a practical and market-aligned price for your business.
• Negotiation Strategies. Be prepared to negotiate on various terms of the sale, not just the price.


Valuing and selling your business is a significant milestone. It demands an understanding of various valuation methods, including the use of multiples. While these methods provide a starting point, professional advice is crucial for an accurate valuation. Our law firm specializes in guiding SMB owners through these complex processes.

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